Saturday, July 26, 2014

Agenda Project group meeting 1

Agenda Project group meeting 1

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  1. Big Ideas
    1. 3 to 2 projects/semester
      1. opportunity to not just eliminate of a project, but re-work the process of projects and portfolio to increase rigor and alignment w/in the department, as well as the CCore standards
      2. All projects must show evidence of revision, both in the individual project and the portfolio presentation.
      3. Departments collaborate to vertically align skills to ensure coverage of necessary skills (aligned with CC?) and in subject specific discussions of what revision looks like w/in the specific disciplines. (i.e. I know the process for ELA revision, but couldn’t speak very well to how it is demonstrated most effectively in Math, Science, FLang, Spec Ed, ELL and Hist)

b.   Project Rubrics
i. Staff should create a checklist/rubric of 5 categories that all projects must have.  something like:

Activity/Assessment of skills
Creativity, or Engagement or something?

Seems to me that that’s enough to get started.

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